Boardman police have charged a suspect with two felony counts after allegedly attempting to strangle a police officer. 

According to the police report, the police were called Garver Drive in the township on late Wednesday night at 11 p.m. for a mental health check of a suspect. 

The report stated that people who knew the man were able to get the gun away from the suspect, before the police arrive. 

A family member told officers "You're going to have your hands full," saying the suspect would resist officers. 

The report claims the suspect became agitated and started demanding to know who had called the police. 

As the suspect attempted to run upstairs at the house, officers tackled him to the ground at the base of the stairs where the suspect yelled "I will take you down, I have nothing left to (explicative)  lose".

An officer wrestled to gain control of the suspect, the officer ended up underneath him. 

According to the report, the suspect wrapped both of his hands around the officer's throat and neck and began to squeeze.

The officer said he began to have difficulty breathing and speaking and began to feel dizzy. the report stated that officers called to assist arrived at the location and pulled the suspect from the officer.

The suspect was placed in handcuffs and transported to a local hospital.

Police have charged the suspect with assault of an officer (F4), obstructing official business (F5), resisting arrest (M1), and disorderly conduct (M4). 

After the suspect is released from the hospital, he will be transferred to Mahoning County Jail awaiting his initial court appearance.