Canine Cutrona is the newest addition to Canfield Police. His primary reason for joining the squad is to protect the most vulnerable in schools and events where large amounts of people are gathered. 

Canfield Police Chief, Chuck Colucci, says three to four bomb threats happen in Canfield every year and most are from schools.

"We try everything we can to keep the kids safe and every single year we get a lot of bomb threats at the school," Colucci said.

The addition of a new K-9 comes from the help of Rep. Al Cutrona. He gifted the police department with $25,000 check to support the funding for acquiring the new dog and the training as a way of giving back to his hometown. The donation was collected through Cutrona's campaign donations. 

"What better way to  bring dollars back into our community, to help and have a real purpose here," Cutrona said. 

Canine Cutrona will be available for other counties and districts to use when needed. 

The dog is multi-skilled and will also be trained in tracking and apprehension. 

The canine's first day on the job is set for sometime in early November.