A Youngstown police officer was placed on paid administrative leave 19 months ago and is now facing criminal charges.
The city says the Lieutenant is accused of dereliction of duty for allegedly failing to investigate more than a dozen cases of reported child sex abuse or child pornography.
Youngstown police Lieutenant Brian Flynn who has been on paid administrative leave for more than a year faces 14 criminal charges for dereliction of duty.
Youngstown's law director says referrals of child pornography or child sex abuse allegations were never followed up with an investigation.
"There were in excess of 20 cases forwarded to Lieutenant Flynn or his subordinates, and most all of them were not investigated. We chose the 14 most viable," Law Director Jeff Limbian said.
Those cases from 2020 and 2021 were reassigned.
The city did NOT investigate whether the statute of limitations expired, meaning if a case were viable criminal charges could no longer be filed. 
"There were victims and alleged victims and potential child abuse cases that were going on when no one was paying attention from Lieutenant Flynn's department," added Attorney Limbian.
The Mahoning Sheriff's Office, BCI, and other law enforcement from contiguous jurisdictions all had a part in the investigation.
We ask Youngstown's Law Director why it took so long for the investigation to be completed.
"It took us a while to find anyone who could adequately investigate the matter without any conflict of interest," Limbian said. 
The mayor can call for a pre-disciplinary hearing.
21 News is working to talk with Flynn or his attorney to get his side. 
Flynn is scheduled for November 9th for his first court appearance.
Due to the police union contract, Flynn will remain on paid administrative leave until the outcome of the cases against him.