They say justice is blind, but a judge in Trumbull County may be thankful that security cameras in her offices saw enough to help catch a man who allegedly stole some items that may have sentimental value.

While investigating a report that someone was breaking windows in Niles, Police arrested 40-year-old Ademilson Smith of Kinsman.

Inside Smith’s backpacks, police say they found a statue of Lady Justice and two gavels engraved with engraved brass plates. 

Seeing that the name engraved on the plates were Judge Cynthia Wescott Rice, Niles Police contacted Rice’s bailiff who confirmed that the gavels were missing from a shelf and the statue was gone from Rice’s desk in her chambers.

Trumbull County Sheriff’s investigators say security recordings from the court show Smith going into Rice’s chambers Tuesday morning, then leaving the courthouse.

Smith, who already faced previous drug charges, is now also charged with receiving stolen property, possessing criminal tools, resisting arrest, criminal damaging, trespassing, and obstructing official business.

The estimated value of the three stolen items total $300.