The north end of the village of Lisbon in Columbiana County has dealt with low water pressure for years, but city officials now have a plan in place to fix the water issues.

The Ohio EPA recently approved the plan submitted by the village, which will include waterlines, a new water tower on the site of the existing water tower along State Route 45, a new pump station and a pressure-reducing station for the north end of the village, including some businesses located in Center Township.

Bill Hoover, the chairman of the Lisbon Board of Public Affairs told 21 News that the plan is in the preliminary stages, however, funding for the project has significantly increased since the village first applied for grants to help pay for the project.

The project was initially slated to cost $4.2 million, however, supply shortages, costs of labor and material have increased to project by more than 20 percent.

Hoover says the village has applied for additional grants through the EPA, and may take months to see if additional funds become available for the project. Hoover said the village might have to borrow money to complete the project, which it hopes to have completed by the end of 2024.

Hoover said there are no immediate plans to raise water rates, noting that the village water rates increase every year by 3 percent, but would be determined at a later date.

Hoover estimates that more the one-fourth of the homes and businesses would see improvements once the project is completed.