Liquid and solid contaminated waste from the East Palestine train derailment site will resume shipping Monday, February 27.

U.S. EPA Region 5 Director Debra Shore said some liquid contaminants will be shipped to an underground injection well in Vickery, Ohio.

Some of the solid waste will be sent to Heritage Thermal Services, an incinerator, in East Liverpool. Officials are continuing to look for other solid waste disposal locations.

"Every aspect of hazardous waste transportation and disposal is closely regulated and overseen by federal, state and local governments," Shore said. "From the moment trucks and rail cars are loaded, until the waste in safely disposed of - both EPA and the Department of Transportation have regulations that govern the transport of waste from the East Palestine site." 

Norfolk Southern must also comply with federal, state and local transportation requirements.

"These extensive requirements cover everything from waste labeling, packaging and handling. As well as requirements for shipping documents that provide information about the wastes and where they're going," Shore said.

Anne Vogel, director of the Ohio EPA, said all rail cars, with the exception of the ones being held by the NTSB, have been removed from the site.

At this time, 126 private wells have been tested and 578 home reentry screenings have been conducted.

Residents with questions about water and air testing, as well as clean up services should call the hotline at 866-361-0526 anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. eastern standard time.