March is American Red Cross Month and whether it is a house fire, natural disaster or blood donation the organization is always ready to serve communities

The non-profit was especially helpful during the valley's most recent disaster in East Palestine. Within hours of the train derailment, Red Cross volunteers were on the ground in in the village setting up cots, blankets and more to people in need.

"[We made] sure there was an area for people to eat and feel safe when they had to evacuate their homes," said American Red Cross Communication Officer, Jim McIntyre. 

Red Cross volunteers worked 12-hour shifts creating a safe space for people until the evacuation order was lifted.

Regional communication manger, Christy Peters says volunteers are the lifeblood of the non-profit organization from teaching first aid and CPR to installing smoke detectors in homes.

And between medical emergencies, natural and industrial disasters there is a vital and constant need for blood donations and volunteers.

"The Red Cross is not a government agency. We rely on donations from generous people across the country who recognizes the value of the Red Cross mission," McIntyre told 21 News.

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