Lordstown Police are currently investigating a series of text messages sent between a student teacher and a juvenile student.

Lordstown Superintendent, Gregory Bonamase tells 21 News that the messages in question were not threatening or sexual in nature, but when the student's parents brought these texts to the school's attention, an investigation began with the Lordstown Police Department and the school resource officer.

According to a report from Lordstown Police, the texts were sent via the Remind app, which is primarily used by school staff to communicate with students and student athletes.

The report did not go into detail of what exactly the messages said, but police say the messages "seemed to be on a personal level and not on a school work or assignment level."

Police say they did not feel these messages to be criminal, but say that it was "inappropriate" for a student teacher to message a student on a personal level.

Bonamase tells us the student teacher was part of Youngstown State University's student teaching program and that the university has been notified of the texts.

The student teacher is no longer teaching at the district and Bonamase tells us the district is working to make sure this individual has no contact with any Lordstown students.