There's so much controversy surrounding the culling of deer at Millcreek MetroParks.

A group looking for transparency and possibly saving the deer is now working with an attorney to come up with three different plans to achieve their goals.

Number one consists of obtaining the records that show how many deer are actually in the park.

"We've made several public records requests," said Attorney on the case Marc Dann. "We expect to have to follow up with something called the writ of Mandamus, which would be asking the court to order the park board to provide us with additional information," he said.

Then they'd like to have an expert look it over to see if controlled hunting truly is necessary. Plan B is to take it to court by challenging the authority of the Park Board.

"We think that the park may have exceeded its legal authority by ordering deer killing," said Dann. "They have a mandate under the statute to preserve wildlife," he said.

Lastly, if they must, they'll use a petition to try to dissolve the board altogether.

Group leader Mickey Drabison tells 21 News safety is the biggest concern here and that it should be at the forefront of the minds of those in charge.

"I'd like to know who's gonna be watching," said Drabison. "Who's going to be watching the snipers, who's responsible if you shoot an arrow and it goes into somebody's house or hits a kid or hits a dog," he said.

The group is also hoping to just come to an agreement with the park.