Bond was set at $100,000 each for a Youngstown man and a Farrell woman charged with kidnapping for ransom and false imprisonment. According to a police report, the ransom was a part for a truck.
Police in Farrell got a call early Tuesday from a man who claimed that his girlfriend was being held at gunpoint against her will.
According to police, 44-year-old Kelyn McKelly answered the door when officers arrived at the Darr Avenue home.
When the officer asked if anyone else was inside, two women came downstairs, including 36-year-old Rebecca Schell.
The other woman, who was the girlfriend of the man who called police, came outside, and spoke with an officer, telling him that McKelly had been holding her at gunpoint while they waited for her boyfriend to come back to the home with a part for McKelly’s truck.
McKelly and Schell were both arrested and arraigned before a district magistrate.
The two have another court hearing set for next week.