It was a busy start to the week for fire crews in and around Campbell, with a total of four structure fires taking place just feet away from one another.

Several abandoned apartment structures that have become a nuisance in recent years now seem to be the target of a string of fires. Campbell's fire chief said he doesn't doubt someone is behind this. 

Campbell, Struthers, Lowellville, and Coitsville Township fire crews converged on a total of four structure fires at the former Youngstown Sheet and Tube apartments Monday afternoon just around 1 p.m.

"As we went to the corner of Robinson and Blackburn to get the fire hydrant, I looked down Andrews and saw that we also had another building on fire as well," explained Campbell Fire Chief Stephan Dubic to 21 News.

Fires broke out at several units along Robinson Road and Andrews Avenue. No one was hurt as all of the units affected were abandoned.

The units were scheduled to be demolished the first week of July. It is a process happening to several of these dilapidated structures in the area.

The apartments aren't strangers to suspicious fires, just last month a similar fire broke out on Booker Avenue. It was another fire were arson is the suspected cause. 

"They're all suspicious in nature, so it's hard to say what's going on," Chief Dubic said. "Most of the utilities are off on these buildings."

People living in surrounding homes tell 21 News their safety is at risk knowing they "live so close to the apartments" that seem to be targeted.

As crews worked into the evening hours taming the blaze, the cause of the fire are still not confirmed.

Campbell Police have turned the fires over to the Arson Investigator with the State of Ohio. Chief Dubic is warning everyone to stay out of the abandoned homes for their own safety.

Demolitions will continue into the summer.