Fire crews are still on scene after a fire engulfed the Colonial Inn on Rte. 19 in Mercer, PA. Fire officials have told a 21 News crew that all residents were successfully evacuated from the building and that nobody, including all of the firefighters, was injured in the fire.

The managers of Colonial Inn, which hosts primarily long-term stays, told 21 News that 3 rooms were deemed "uninhabitable," and those residents moved to other rooms in the building.

According to fire officials, the blaze started at an appliance in one of the rooms, catching the nearby bed on fire before it spread to the rest of the room. 

The resident was out of the room visiting a neighbor at the time, and came back to most of the room engulfed in flames. The resident then called the fire department and went door to door to help evacuate residents from the building.

When the fire department got to the scene, the fire had breached the original room and entered a communal space in the attic, and had started to breach the roof.

According to fire officials, there's a fire containment layer between the attic and roof which seems to have done it's job, preventing the fire from spreading sooner to other parts of the building.

Four departments responded to the scene, including the East End Fire Department in Mercer, Jackson Center, Jefferson Township, and Grove City. 

By 10:00 Monday night, responders from nearby stations were released to return to their home stations for standard duty.

A video from the scene posted to Facebook shows multiple fire trucks and ambulances responding to the fire.