Pool parties at a home on Glenwood Avenue in Boardman are at the center of a legal battle between Boardman Township Trustees and the owners of the home.

The defendants include Michelle Firman, Taylor Moore, and Malcolm Carter.

In a 135-page document of complaints, it's reported that the house is being rented out as an Airbnb of sorts, to host the parties.

The homeowner charges:

$525 dollars to rent the house for four hours, $725 for eight hours, and $925 for a full day.

The problem with that, according to the complaint is that the "defendants are currently operating a Luxury Pool Party Event Center..." which is a violation of the Boardman Zoning Resolution that "...prohibits any person, corporation, partnership or other entity or organization from conducting a Special Event without a Special Events permit."

On top of that, the complaint states that because of this business, "...a public nuisance is created by the noise and light generated by the people and music...the heavy traffic and parking on the roads...creating a hazard...all of which greatly disturbs the...neighbors."

One of the people who live in the house, Carter, told 21 News they were never trying to cause such a disturbance in the first place, but they were just trying to enjoy their new home and celebrate with friends and family. They just moved in November of last year.

While Carter wouldn't go on camera, he feels this is all racially motivated as he's received threats online saying "1969 Alabama hate," would be brought to his home.

There was a party scheduled for July 1 at the home but for now, no gatherings are allowed until a court hearing on July 10th.