While many grocery store chains across the country are phasing out cashiers in favor of self-checkout kiosks, regional grocery store chain, Sparkle Market has issued a statement that the chain has no intent to follow this trend.

In the statement from Sparkle President, Vincent Furrie Jr. posted to the company's Facebook page, the chain says having a human cashier on hand is important to benefit not only the company, but the customer as well.

The full statement can be read below:

"Many big grocery brands have decided to phase out their cashiers and replace them with self-checkout machines. They believe limiting human interaction is the future of retail shopping."

"While stores test this theory, we at Sparkle will not be turning to self-checkout. Employing our neighbors not only benefits this company, but it also benefits our communities."

"In times like this, jobs are more important than ever. We value the person at the register. We hope you do as well. Helping one another just cannot be replaced."