United Auto Workers Union president Shawn Fain spoke to members during a Facebook live stream Tuesday afternoon, saying he's changing the way the UAW negotiates with the "Big Three" auto companies - General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Stellantis.

Fain said he won't be shaking hands with the CEOs of GM, Ford or Chrysler, which has been a longstanding tradition as negotiations begin.

"This is our defining moment as a union, as working people and we're taking a different approach every step of the way," Fain said during the live stream. "Myself and members of the International Executive Board will be kicking off in a whole new way. In a break with tradition, there won't be no public handshake ceremony with the companies. I'm not shaking hands with any CEOs until they do right by our members and we fix the broken status quo with the Big Three."

Instead of the handshake ceremony, Fain and other union leaders will shake hands with UAW members at plant gates in Michigan. They want to hear the message of working members and take that message to the bargaining table.

"We're changing how we negotiate, we're changing how we organize, how we fight and how we win," Fain said.

The union is sending out support cards to workers at the Big Three in a show of solidarity.

Fain said the union's strike target is the Big Three and whether a strike occurs is up to the companies.

The UAW's contract with the Big Three companies expires in 65 days.