Mercer County District Attorney, Peter Acker tells 21 News no additional charges will be filed against the suspect in Thursday’s Seven-hour standoff at a home in Coolspring Township.

Acker says criminal charges for this incident were filed earlier in the day for an incident involving the suspect, 63-year-old Robert Suchy and his neighbor, who told police Suchy came to his property with a gun and tried to force him to come with him.

According to a news release, Troopers were called to Tripplewood Drive shortly before noon regarding this incident. No charges related to the standoff itself are expected to be filed.

The neighbor told an officer that he escaped into his home and called 9-1-1 after, Suchy allegedly pointed a gun at him. 

Police say Suchy barricaded himself inside his home, ignoring repeated calls for him to surrender.

The PSP Special Emergency Response Team arrived as Troopers surrounded Suchy’s home and worked to evacuate neighbors or have them shelter in place.

Troopers, who entered Suchy’s home at 7 p.m. and placed him under arrest, say they found other firearms.

Suchy was taken to a hospital for treatment.  He’s been charged with kidnapping, burglary, and assault.

While the suspect's condition is unknown, PSP says that "mental health played a role" in the situation, also mentioning that the suspect had no prior criminal history.