Board of Elections in the Mahoning Valley are reporting a slower voter turnout on day one of early voting in the November general election. 

In Trumbull County, Board of Elections Director, Stephanie Penrose tells 21 News day one early voter turnout for the November general election is slightly lower than that of the day one turnout for early voting in the August special election. 

Penrose says around 300 people showed up on day one of early voting in August compared to around 200 that showed up as of the 2:00 p.m. hour for the November general election.

Penrose says she believes with more advertising and news reports on the election, voter turnout will increase in the coming weeks. 

When it comes to voting methods, Penrose says she expects a lot more people to vote by mail than in person stating that the total amount of mail in ballots for the entire August special election was 3,200. Penrose says they're already halfway to that number on day one of November general early voting.

Meanwhile, Columbiana County Board of Elections Deputy Director, Bryce Miner also says there is a slower turnout and he expects more people to show in the coming weeks, but Miner gave slightly different statistics than Trumbull.

For example, Columbiana County saw a higher day one turnout for the November general election with around 60 people showing up as of the 2:00 p.m. hour compared to day one of the August special election where around 40 showed up.

Additionally, Miner expects more people to vote in person compared to mail-in ballots stating that the August special election was the first time he had seen in-person voting outperform mail-in voting and he expects that trend to continue for the November general election.

21 News has reached out to Mahoning County Board of Elections Director, Tom McCabe, but we have not heard back yet.