Outgoing Campbell Law Director and candidate for judge Brian Macala has been charged with theft and criminal mischief.

Online records for Campbell Municipal Court show that the charges were filed on Thursday.

According to the police report, Attorney Mark Kolmacic, Macala's opponent in the race for Campbell Municipal Court Judge contacted Police Chief Kevin Sferra last month to complain about Macala removing a piece of Kolmacic’s political literature from a door and replacing it with his own.

Kolmacic told police that the alleged act was recorded on the RING Doorbell of the homeowner.

Chief Sferra spoke with the homeowner who filed an affidavit with the court.

The doorbell camera video shows Macala allegedly taking a leaflet from the porch and shoving it into his jacket pocket while campaigning at the person's home. Macala can be seen leaving what appears to be his own campaign leaflet on the door.

Police Chief Kevin Sferra tells 21 News that he discussed the case with the County Prosecutor’s Office. Since the charges are misdemeanors, Sferra says they have been filed in Municipal Court.

Sferra says that since Macala is the city’s law director, he believes a special prosecutor and visiting judge will likely be appointed to handle the case.

Campbell Counsel President and Finance Committee Chair George Levendis said the misdemeanor charges would require the city to hire outside counsel and believe it's an added financial burden and waste of resources.

"In 12 years of being the council president of the city of Campbell, I've never seen something as petty as this in my life," Levendis said, "We'd have to pay for a judge, we'd have to pay for prosecutor if it goes to jury trial, we'd have to pay for a trial. It's just money the city of Campbell doesn't need for that petty stuff."

Macala told 21 News at this time, his attorney is advising no comment on his behalf. 

Macala, who is a candidate for Campbell Municipal Judge, is finishing his last few weeks as law director after 23 years at the post.

This summer, Macala was accused of forging signatures during an estate issue in the Probate Courts, according to a complaint filed by the Mahoning County Bar Association to the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct.

Of the five rule violations cited in that complaint, two were dismissed. Three, alleging that Macala failed to keep clients reasonably informed, made false statements, and engaged in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation," are still pending. Macala has asked for a public reprimand, while the Mahoning County Bar Association is recommending a one-year suspension for Macala, which would be stayed provided he not be found to commit further misconduct.