A Boardman woman accused of whipping her teenage daughter with an extension cord has started serving a twenty-day jail sentence.

The sentence, along with a $200 fine, was handed down Thursday in Boardman Court to 51-year-old Sequette Clark, who pleaded no contest to two counts of child endangering.

Clark was arrested last month after a Glenwood Junior High School guidance counselor told police Clark's teenage daughter was assaulted at home the night before.

Police spoke with the counselor and the student, who told officers that Clark repeatedly struck the child over most of her body with an extension cord at the family’s Terrace Drive apartment.

The report says that Clark's daughter had received discipline from the school, which resulted in Clark being called by the school's principal. Clark was not home at the time, but upon returning "called for her [daughter] to come downstairs for her 'whooping.'"

Clark's daughter told police that Clark then began to beat her with a belt, which "didn't hurt too bad," but eventually switched to an extension cord, which she then used to allegedly strike her daughter on several locations across her body.

The report says that upon removing her jacket, officers observed "20-30 individual raised and discolored red lashing marks on her shoulders and arms ranging in size from 4 - 12 inches in length." They also observed bruising and red marks on her thighs and quadriceps, according to the report.

Officers also spoke to the girl's older sister at Boardman High School, who says she tried to intervene but was subsequently also struck by the extension cord.

Clark is being permitted to serve the 20-day sentence on weekends.

A second woman, 35-year-old Dorothy Richards, is also charged with child endangering for allegedly handing the cord to Clark.

A pretrial for Richards is scheduled for December 7.