Steward Health Care is facing turbulent times, as it battles a wave of lawsuits stemming from unpaid bills. The future of its medical facilities in Trumbull and Mercer counties hang in a state of uncertainty because of their financial woes. 

However, leaders in Trumbull County are working closely with Steward officials to make sure no one loses access to health services, even if it means finding a new owner.

Trumbull County Commissioner, Denny Malloy told 21 News reporter Leslie Huff, that the company has been transparent about their challenges and how to overcome them.

He said, the company is exploring the possibility of a buyout by another hospital, offering a glimmer of hope for the struggling healthcare provider.

A spokesperson at Steward Health Care for Ohio and PA said in a statement: 

“It is imperative that patients in the community have a choice and ample access when it comes to their health care needs. Trumbull Regional Medical Center, Sharon Regional Medical Center, and Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital remain committed to the community and will continue to provide the high-quality, compassionate care that patients have come to know and expect.”

April Caraway, Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board executive director, expressed how she and Steward Health Care representatives are determined find a solution to ensure consistent care.

"We've had some meetings with the Ohio Department of Medicaid [and the] Ohio Department of Mental Addiction services," Caraway said. 

Until a permanent solution is reached, though, uncertainty and concern remains.

"Right now I think we're on a month-to-month plan. I've seen a lot in the national news about Steward Health, I've seen what has happened in other areas, and as a life-long Trumbull County community person, I'm concerned. Not just for behavioral health, we need two hospitals. We have 190,000 people in our county and they can't just go to one hospital." Caraway said.