Changes may be coming to how people can gamble online in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana of Allegheny County is introducing a bill to prohibit the use of credit cards for online casino games, sports betting and fantasy games. The bill would also apply to the Pennsylvania iLottery.

"Online gaming and sports betting is growing exponentially, especially with young adults," Fontana said. "At the same time, credit card debt is climbing. So we need to make sure the greater access to gambling isn't leading to burdensome or crippling credit card balances."

Last year, the state reported a record high from gaming revenue. Nearly $5.7 billion fueled by iGaming, sports betting and fantasy sports contests. 

Over 36% of online gaming participants in the commonwealth reported at least one gambling problem according to the 2022 Online Gaming Report produced by Pennsylvania State University.

Additionally, the average Pennsylvanian credit card balance typically exceeds $5,640, 12% higher than their pre-pandemic balances according to a recent report by the state's Independent Fiscal Office.

Fontana's bill seeks to end the correlation between online gambling and credit card debt.

Other states like Iowa, Tennessee and Massachusetts have also outlawed the use of credit cards in online gambling.