Just two days after the arraignment of a former Warren police officer accused of rape, that officer's wife has been placed on paid administrative leave by the police department.

Warren Safety Services Director Eddie Colbert confirmed with 21 News that Taylor Edwards, the wife of Michael Edwards Jr. has been placed on paid administrative leave following allegations made by prosecutors during Michael's arraignment on Monday.

Michael is accused of raping multiple women with prosecutors revealing that a total of five alleged victims came forward so far. He's charged with multiple counts of rape, sexual battery and extortion, all with firearm specifications, as well as multiple counts of theft in office and dereliction of duty.

During an arraignment hearing on Monday, Trumbull County Assistant Prosecutor Gabe Wildman shed light on some allegations against Michael's wife Taylor, who is still employed by the Warren Police Department.

Wildman alleged that during jail calls between her and her Michael, the two had a discussion, which allegedly including comments stating that they hope the victim dies of an overdose or gets ran over by a bus or an 18-wheeler.

We've also been told that Taylor allegedly was in communications with the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office in regards to her husband's case, but it's unclear what exactly was discussed at this time.

Colbert tells 21 News Taylor will remain on paid leave pending the results of an internal investigation from the police department. Court records do not show any charges filed against her at this time.