Animal Charity of Ohio is working into the weekend, removing dozens of cats from a hoarding case on the West Side of Youngstown.

Humane agents spent the evening rescuing animals in two homes in the 1800 block of Ridgelawn Avenue.

A welfare check on the owner of the two properties led to the homes being red-tagged by the city. 28 cats and two dogs were safely removed Friday and crews will collect the remaining animals Saturday.

The homes are owned by the same person but were boarded up. Humane agents found animals covered in their feces. The cats are facing upper respiratory and ear infections and a loss of fur from flea exposure, along with a variety of wounds.

"When we see cats coming out of homes like this, the ammonia level is so high that usually their lungs, their sinuses, and their airways are all compact with mucus."

No animals were found dead but Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity says they could likely find some this weekend. "The 28 cats that we do have are all that we've accounted for but that's not all we've seen. We have seen dozens more so we know we have our work cut out for us tomorrow [Saturday] morning."

"We've only ripped apart one mattress though so far in all of the bedrooms," MacMurchy added. "We still have to rip apart couches, duct work, and holes leading up to the attic."

MacMurchy believes more animals could be found within the property's ventilation system. The animals are now in the custody of Animal Charity. A probable cause hearing is forthcoming because the owner did not want the animals removed.

Once Animal Charity of Ohio completes its investigation, the case is turned over to the prosecutor's office where charges could be filed.

As of March 15, Animal Charity of Ohio has already rescued over 100 companion animals in the Mahoning Valley.