Discussions are underway to replace Boardman Center and Glenwood Junior High schools with one, new building.

A YouTube video posted by Boardman Superintendent Tim Saxton and Board of Education member John Landers explains efforts by the local Centers Facilities Committee to work with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to gauge the feasibility of such a project.

The OFCC has already determined that both buildings should be replaced.  Members of the local committee want a combined school that would separate wings for fourth through sixth grades and seventh and eighth grades, utilizing shared spaces like a cafeteria or gym that they would use as needed.

Saxton says the challenge is to build without increasing the community's tax burden.

“The good news is we passed the Continuous Improvement Levy in November of 2022, and that allowed us to have this authentic conversation,” said Saxton. “But in the mix is changing interest rates, so we'll have to look at the balance of are we ready to build and are interest rates ready for us to go ahead and move forward with the financing.

The OFCC is currently willing to cover 31% of the cost of a new building, according to Landers.

Both men say there must be much more discussion with more members of the community before a decision is finalized.

”Understand best-case scenario, if the plan is in place and the funding is in place, we would even break ground for three years with kids actually in that building for five,” said Saxton.