A police chase in Austintown ended with a crash at a car dealership in downtown Niles.

Austintown Police began chasing a Porsche allegedly driving recklessly along Route 46 and Ohltown Girard Road just after 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

According to a police report, the pursuit began when officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle that had no headlights or taillights activated and had front end damage.

Police say during the pursuit, the driver struggled to stay in his lane at one point completely weaving from the curb lane to the center turn lane.

Police also say at one point during the chase, the driver made obscene gestures at officers and yelled at the out the window while the car continuously struck the curb.

The pursuit led police to South Main Street in Niles, where the Porsche crashed into eight cars at Elite Coleman Auto Sales before running into a signpost in front of Circle K.  

According to the report, several vehicles in the parking lot of a car dealership were struck. These damaged vehicles can be seen in the picture below.

Police say the driver then exited the vehicle and attempted to flee, but stumbled and fell to the ground where police were able to apprehend him.

Officers identified the driver as 38-year-old Corey Heinselman. Police say while they were handcuffing him, he told officers "I'm drunk as f**k" followed by continuously yelling profanities and pushing back.

Soon after this, police say Heinselman fell to the ground and lost consciousness, but was still breathing. An ambulance was sent to the crash scene to treat the driver.

Police say the vehicle used in the crash belonged to Heinselman's cousin and Heinselman had taken it without permission.

Heinselman is charged with OVI, hit skip, failure to comply and resisting arrest. Police say additional charges are currently pending. He's currently sitting in the Mahoning County Jail.

Heinselman is set to be arraigned in Austintown Municipal Court on April 1.