In today's 21 News The Outcue, we update you on the ongoing financial investigation, which started in March in Vienna Township. This small community has been impacted by missing township funds—$1.3 million—leading to layoffs in the emergency services, including police and fire, and township officials working for free.

While the state auditor's office is investigating the missing funds, 21 News has also been investigating what is happening. However, this case is complicated. Traditionally, one can make a public record request and see what the money trail shows.

Public records are all documents for a village, city, township, state, school district, etc., paid for with taxpayer funds. They can include documents, audio recordings, emails, texts, or instant messages.

21 News Assistant News Director Justin Mitchell, along with anchor/reporter Erin Simonek and Senior Digital Content Manager Robert McFerren, discuss the public documents 21 News requested and received and why, in this case, it may not be as simple as following the money trail.