Raising children, taking care of older parents, working, paying bills, and other responsibilities often mean mental health takes a back seat in busy lives.
However, healthcare advocates and professionals recommend investing in your mental health at every stage in your life, not just during a crisis. 
"There are so many reasons why a person's mental heath can begin to experience a strain and we want people to know our area is rich in community resources," Kelly Younkins, Clinical Consultant at Kelly Younkins Consulting in Hubbard, said.
Younkins believes finding a good work/life balance is also important to maintain mental health. 
She tells 21 News there are actions you can take to help your mental health and wellness.
Eating healthy foods can help lower depression. 


Multiple studies have found eating too much refined sugar or processed foods causes excess cortisol and increased inflammation which can exacerbate anxiety and depression.  Studies suggest the benefits of Yoga for stress management.

Research is showing it helps us with concentration, with memory, and it helps alleviate anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, all of these things that tend to weigh on our hearts and minds," Bethany Meredith with Healing at the Hands of the Almighty said. 
Hatha Yoga helps get Yoga incorporated with other organizations that promote mental health. 
The President and Founder, Bethanie Meredith is a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor in Canfield. 
 There is also the science behind sound therapy's effects on mental wellness and reducing inflammation.
Maria Lalo-Wagner with the Center for Sound Therapy in Boardman tells 21 News Sound Therapy gives people something to focus on because they are so busy in the stressed state and they can't relax, they can't shut thoughts out.   
"Just changing the brainwave state will interrupt the stress response in the body and it helps our body to go into a state of rest and repair. That rest and repair is where the body begins to heal so internally people are able to process emotions. They can reduce pain, and inflammation so we have relief after a session," said Lallo-Wagner.
 Meditation is also a proven method for reducing stress.
Jannette Cole, with Nonna, Mamma, Me led a group in meditation.  
She specializes in maternal wellness and is a yoga instructor.
 Massage therapy can also help reduce stress and relieve muscle tensions, while exercise can boost your body's production of happy hormones, which can reduce depression, and help increase self-confidence.
 Joel Younkins Owner of JYT, Joel Younkins Training in Mineral Ridge who emphasized the importance of exercising said, "My Clients will tell me I feel better. I was able to do a, b, and c around the house. I could play with my grandchildren much better. If you're taking part in sports it can increase your performance in sports on and off the field."   
Staying connected with people can also help increase mental wellness by decreasing loneliness.
The organizer of the Mental Health and Wellness Expo Kelly Younkins tells 21 News she believes Miss USA 2024 Noella Voight giving up her duties and job as Miss USA to put a priority on her mental health goes a long way to take away the stigma of making mental health a priority.  
She points out the importance of getting the right help at the right time. 
In Mahoning and Trumbull County staff at the Mental Health Recovery Boards can help connect you with services you need or are seeking to improve your mental health, or help with addictions.
If you are suicidal or someone you love is suicidal you can call or text 988 to seek help at the Suicide Crisis Lifeline. 
Grief and Loss in Motion and Trumbull County LOSS have support groups, grief workshops, peer support groups, and separate sessions if you're dealing with suicide loss or any self-defined traumatic loss.   For more information email [email protected]