On Thursday, the NTSB revealed initial findings that an abandoned service line was cut by a third party in the Realty Building basement, which the agency believes may have led to Tuesday's deadly blast.

This comes as public records reveal more information about construction work underway in the Realty Building basement, prior to the explosion. 

The city mandated the relocation of gas lines because it conflicted with city road work, as part of its SMART 2 project underway. 

Records show plans from April 1, 2024, for GreenHeart Companies to do utility relocation work in the Realty Tower, including "remove and relocate gas lines and meters into [the] basement."

"The purpose of GreenHeart's work was to relocate utilities from the Realty Building within the building," Youngstown Deputy Director of Public Works, Chuch Shasho, said. 

Youngstown records show GreenHeart companies and the Realty Tower have the same owner, with the building listed as YO Properties 47 LLC.

About six weeks ago, there was coordination between city leaders requesting approval "to make payment to GreenHeart companies, as the Realty Building owner, to provide all labor, tools, material, supervision and equipment required to complete all utility relocation," according to documents, adding the "basement vault roof system is in conflict with proposed roadway improvements" and "all utilities in the vault areas must be relocated."

Youngstown's Finance director said this was a no-bid contract.

21 News contacted GreenHeart Companies, Mayor Brown, Deputy Director Shasho, and Law Director Simmons for more insight into the prior work being done, but between the federal investigation underway and circumstances, they're getting facts straight before sharing details. 

"It was a proposal that was approved," Shasho said, "But no payment has been issued yet because we were waiting for the work to be completed."

Mayor Tito Brown issued a statement on the proposal Friday afternoon that said: 

"The City contracted with GreenHeart to perform private utility re-location in the basement of the Realty Tower and prepare it for infillmg as part of the SMART 2 project. As per normal practice, the contractors commenced work on their own schedule, means and methods. At this time there is no evidence to suggest the gas line mentioned In the May 30 NTSB briefing was necessary to fulfil this scope. The NTSB investigation to understand the work being done at the building at the time of the leak and explosion is still ongoing. Our focus remains ensuring the safety and security of the public and the well-being of those displaced by this incident. We will continue to provide regular updates through our official channels as they become available. We ask for continued condolences for the family ofAkil Drake, the Chase employees and those impacted by this tragic event."