Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but Silver Paw in Leetonia is offering an innovative way to honor them. The business does water cremation, also known as aquamation. 

The owner said the process is a gentle alternative. Using a combination of water and salt, within 20 hours, your pet returns to its natural elements inside of a water cremation unit.

"After that 20 hours, we're left with, actually the animal skeletons, but they are like chalk, like soft chalk, almost," Veterinarian and Silver Paw owner, Dr. Margee O'Donnell-Foust said. 

Those bones are then dried out over the course of a few days before transitioning into a fine powder and carefully placed in an urn or other keepsakes. 

Aquamation is also beneficial to the environment. O'donnell-Foust said the process does not emit green house gases and is low energy.

The price for the service at Silver Paw ranges from $90 to $380.