A Poland man who pled guilty to smearing a competitor for a teaching job with the Poland Local School District will not be spending any time in jail.

Struthers Municipal Court employees tell 21 News 33-year-old James Pluchinsky was sentenced to one year of probation on one count of obstructing official business. He also must pay a $100 fine.

Pluchinsky was also charged with telecommunications harassment, but this charge was dropped.

The charge stems from an incident back in May where police said Pluchinsky was "desperate" for a teaching position with the Poland Local School District after his contract with Springfield was not going to be renewed.

When Pluchinsky learned of another candidate in Trumbull County that would have been a strong competitor to him, he sent an email posing as the parents of a student in that candidate's school district claiming he "lacks professionalism," engages in gossip and that students find him "creepy."

Additionally, Poland Superintendent Craig Hockenberry told 21 News he had received a letter in the mail also claiming to be from a parent of the candidate's school district with the exact same allegations.

When questioned by police, Pluchinsky admitted to sending the fictitious email and was suspended from his job in Springfield "indefinitely." He had been a teacher in Springfield for 10 years.