Trumbull County Commissioners have voted to approve a replacement levy for senior services in the county for the November 2024 ballot.

Commissioner Denny Malloy tells 21 News he and Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa voted in favor of putting the five-year replacement levy on the ballot. Malloy says Commissioner Niki Frenchko was not present at the meeting to vote.

Additionally, three other 10-year renewal levies were also approved for the November ballot including levies for Children's Services, Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Mental Health Programs and the Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

While the three renewal levies will not impose any tax increases on residents, the senior services replacement levy will impose a $10 increase on the average homeowner's property tax bills if passed. This would be the first increase from this levy since 2004.

Malloy explained the replacement levy will still have the same millage as the old one, but different valuations.

Malloy tells 21 News he originally would have preferred a renewal rather than a replacement to avoid hitting residents with a new tax increase including seniors.

However, after hearing from the senior levy board unanimously asking for a replacement rather than just a renewal, Malloy decided that the replacement levy was the way to go. 

Malloy says the senior levy board is a citizens board consisting of Trumbull County residents young and old of all races and political affiliations.

Additionally, Malloy said the senior population in the Valley is expected to peak within the next five years so now is the best time for a replacement levy. Trumbull County has the sixth largest senior population in Ohio.

Malloy also said the replacement levy is necessary because under the current levy, a lot of seniors in the county are on a waiting list for in-home care. The additional dollars generated from the replacement levy could help address that issue.

In addition, the senior services levy helps fund senior centers throughout the county that provide exercise classes, computer training, retirement fund management classes, etc. to seniors, as well as free rides, meal delivery, lawnmowing services, etc. for Trumbull County residents age 55 and older.

Voters in Trumbull County will decide on whether or not this replacement levy passes in November.