Bristol Local School District is mourning the loss of a student, 16-year-old Daniel Southall, killed in a fiery car crash early Sunday morning in Farmington township, as the Ohio State Highway Patrol Warren Post continues to investigate what caused it. 

Four teens were in the 2005 Honda Accord just after three in the morning when the crash occurred. Southall was reportedly in the front passenger seat along with a teen driver and two other minors in the back seat. OSHP said the driver was headed eastbound shortly after passing a curve on Ensign Road, just west of Girdle Road, when the car veered off to the left into a tree which caused the engine to catch fire. 

Sergeant Brian Cannon said while the investigation is ongoing, investigators believe alcohol and speed were factors.

"It doesn't appear that it [the car] slowed down to make the curve," Cannon said, "I want to look to see if there's a reason why it went off the curve at that speed, or if there's something else going on."

Only the driver was wearing a seatbelt. 

Cannon said the type of charges depends on what they find during the investigation, expected to span into the coming weeks as OHSP is requesting a toxicology report and doing crash reconstructions on the scene. 

"The extent of the charges base is going to come down to the factors involved," he said, "Was he being reckless? Was he impaired? Was he distracted? Did he have a mechanical failure?"

Bristol Schools Superintendent Christopher Dray said they are very saddened by the tragedy, are thinking of the families and want to show respect to them at this time.

Dray said the district is offering grief counseling at Bristol High School on Thursday from 9 am to noon. 

21 News is still working to learn the status of the three other teenagers involved in the crash.