Police in Wellsville are investigating after receiving reports of someone allegedly taking money from the Wellsville Youth Baseball League.

According to the report filed in June of 2024, two people told police they believed someone to be taking money from the league saying they've called for meetings and the suspect is hesitant to show up.

Police say the suspect produced a purchase and deposit sheet of the money that went in and out of the organization and that the two complainants told officers that sponsors and others that have donated are not shown going in as deposits.

Police say the suspect told the two complainants that those funds are in a savings account. However, the complainants believed that to be illegal.

The complainants further alleged discrepancies on storage unit rentals. According to the report, the suspect shows she paid $1,000 in February and then $600 in May.

Officers spoke with the owner of the rental units who showed a receipt for $428 that was paid in January and said she'd received no more money from the organization.

Police spoke to Premier Bank in Calcutta, who said a subpoena is needed to obtain the necessary bank record to continue the investigation.

The police report does not show any charges having been filed at this time.