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Warren woman accused of assault with vehicle


WARREN, Ohio- A Warren woman accused of using her vehicle as a weapon after an argument could face more than 30 years in prison if convicted.

Warren police say an argument led to an assault with a car by a woman whose children share the same father as the intended victim's children.

One of the victims was a baby just seven months old.

Shawnda Worthy is now facing charges that could land her behind bars for over 30 years if she is found guilty of the criminal charges.

Lavie Brodnax, who was injured on Monday, must now depend on her mother and sisters for every move. She must undergo surgery on her knee after she was allegedly struck by a car driven by the suspect, who was also her friend. The young mother was upset she was unable to take care of herself or her children.

Brodnax said she was pinned and couldn't move, her legs still stuck under the front part of her car when the accused was allegedly fleeing the scene.

Brodnax tells 21 News what gets her the most was her friend Yolanda Adair's baby was in a stroller when he was struck by the front of the suspect's car.

In addition, she is upset saying Worthy's own kids were in the back of her car when the mother drove her car up onto the curb and struck Brodnax and the others.

The Warren mother said there were around 30 kids playing outside of the house when this happened, and adds people had to jump out of the way and grab their kid.

A witness to the event, Shayla Poole, said the worst part was the scream of the baby.

Petrina Coleman, who needed help walking, has an injured foot, a bruised pelvis, and suffered a mild concussion. Coleman said they all thought Worthy was leaving after the argument, but she was blindsided and struck.

The intended victim, Yolanda Adair, tells us her seven-month-old son Larry was bruised. The mother of five children says she could have lost her baby, or her kids could have lost their mom.

Adair tells 21 News her other children, who witnessed the event, have nightmares now. Adair adds her friend and cousin could also have died leaving their children without a mom.

All the women say mothers should think about what their actions are teaching their children, and how they can destroy their own lives and lives of their children by not working things out like adults.

Shawnda Worthy has pled not guilty but faces 32 years behind bars if found of all criminal charges.

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