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Give yoga and dancing mindfulness a try for free at the Yoga Room in Warren


WARREN, Ohio - Have you ever wanted to let loose and dance, but decided not to because you were afraid people would judge you? Well, there is a class in Warren aimed at eliminating those fears.

Over the last year, Howland resident and clinical counselor, Dr. Jamie Marich has developed a "come as you are" type dance class. Dancing Mindfulness, as she calls it, combines simple dance movements with rhythmic music.

"Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word in psychology nowadays. This whole idea of it is an ancient Buddhist practice of noticing without judgment whether that be pain, pleasure or something as simple as your breath. Using that mindful practice to just be in the world," Marich said.

At the Yoga Room in Warren Dr. Marich instructs the conscious dance form she created called Dancing Mindfulness. It combines mindfulness theories with rhythmic dance moves.

"I studied from a few other people's perspectives, but ultimately I kept coming back to mindfulness. Mindfulness as this practice of noticing without judgment," Marich said.

Meaning people of all ages, sizes and skill levels can participate.

"It feels cathartic. After you are done you feel so balanced, so energized and peaceful," said class participant Niki Frenchko.

"When I first took one of these classes and I saw other people of my size really getting into it was like I shed all of these societal pressures somehow that you can't dance because you are some sort of body type and I think that is part of the beauty of the community of dance, that people learn from each other and by the end of the class sometimes your shyest people have ended up shedding their inhibitions," Frenchko said.

And sometimes a few pounds, in addition to working up a sweat, Dr. Marich says people often are able to reduce their stress level.

The Yoga Room in Warren will host a free Yoga and Dancing Mindfulness session Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for anyone interested in learning more. And in October, the folks at the Yoga Room are inviting folks to join them on the island St. Maarten for a Yoga and Dancing Mindfulness retreat.

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