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Explosion sounds in Trumbull County caused by seismic testing

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TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio - Explosive sounds being reported in Trumbull County are said to be caused by seismic testing.

According to Jack Simon with the County Engineer's office for a seismic testing company acquired the needed permits from the county and began testing earlier this week.

Simon says seismic testing helps oil and gas companies determine where the best places are to drill.

"So they know how far down to drill, where to turn their bit, the best places to drill and where the formations are closest to the earth," says Simon.

Simon says there are two ways workers in Trumbull county are taking the three-dimensional images of below the earth's surface.

One way involves a low flying helicopter, which will drop a device that measures ground activity. The device is caused a "geophone."

"There's a charge that they put down in the ground 30 feet, covered over with dirt, they set off that charge which causes an explosion, which gives them the x-ray they need of the ground below it," says Simon.

This method causes the loud explosion that's been reported by several residents.

Simon says the explosion takes place on private property leased by seismic testing companies. He says the explosion is equivalent to about a quarter stick of dynamite, but doesn't cause any damage.

The other method of testing taking place in the county involves several large trucks, which lower down a large pad into the roadway.

"They stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes vibrate the pad, it sends a reading back to the tower and then they move on to the next spot," says Simon.

More than 60 miles of roadway in Trumbull County will be apart of the testing.

The process is expected to last a couple months, but he says he wont be surprised to see more in the future.




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