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21 News obtains dash cam video of fatal officer involved shooting

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WARREN, Ohio - 21 News has obtained dash-cam video that shows the aftermath of that deadly officer involved shooting in Warren.

24-year-old Taemarr Walker died after allegedly pulling a gun on Officer Michael Krafcik, and reportedly ignoring the patrol man's repeated warnings to put his gun down.

The dash-cam video includes Officer Krafcik describing to another officer what he was confronted with, when he fired the fatal shots early Saturday morning.

The cruiser video is dramatic, and shows a second officer rushing to the scene, arriving at Risher and Palmyra just shortly after the deadly confrontation.

You can see the dead man's hysterical girlfriend being escorted to a cruiser, and she repeatedly says, "Please don't kill me. An officer can be heard saying ma'am you're not going to get killed, relax okay?"

The unidentified woman is suspected of driving the speeding car that lost control and went into a ditch just before the confrontation.

As first responders focus on trying to get medical attention to Walker, they have something else to consider first, an officer tells paramedics, "The armed subject has a gun in his hand. He's been shot. We have to take care of his gun first before we can establish he's breathing okay? He's (the suspect) wearing rubber gloves. Note. Just pulled a Ruger out of the subject's hand."

After allegedly pulling a loaded gun from Walker's right hand paramedics said he had no pulse and pronounced him dead at the scene.

A tow truck driver witnessed the fatal shooting saying he can back up the patrol officer's account, "I'll back him up. He gave him warnings at least 10 times."

Officer Krafcik then gives his own account to another officer on the scene, saying the dead suspect who was wearing plastic gloves was originally sitting in the backseat of his girlfriend's car with a rifle.

"I saw the rifle, he was in the backseat. All this time he was in the backseat and then he dove over the front seat and pulled a handgun from under the front seat. When I saw the gun, I told him if he grabbed the rifle I would shoot him," Krafcik said.

Just minutes after shots were fired, officers learned from dispatch that the man with the criminal past was allegedly on his way to shoot up a local bar.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation is the outside agency handling the case.


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