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Two mysterious dummies in downtown Youngstown believed to be a part of silent protest

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - There were more questions than answers in downtown Youngstown Thursday night, when two mysterious dummies appeared on a roof, next to a historic building.

The dummies, along with a large sign appeared on the roof of the Former Two Guys Clothing shop, located next to the old Kress Building.

The sign read, "We should build works of public art which contribute to the cityscape and the community." The message was then signed by "S-H Kress."

The dummies also held signs asking "What's next?"

No one seemed to know who put the dummies up there, but plenty speculated why.

"I'm getting from the two effigies there that one is suppose to be Samuel Kress and one is suppose to be Edward Sibbert who was an architect for the Kress building," said Jimmy Sutman who owns the Former Two Guys Clothing shop building, where the dummies were placed.

Sutman explained that the Kress building is a historic part of the downtown but scheduled to be demolished on Friday.

"I guess they are kind of examining the loss of the art because it is going to be gone. And Sibbert was very highly thought of during his day, and the fact that the building, his art, is going to be gone I think this is a protest against that," said Sutman.

Other on-lookers mirrored his thoughts. Some disappointed the historic building would soon become a parking lot.

 "I think this is kind of a parting statement in regards to what some people feel is kind of an issue down here that we are losing some of our historic fabric," said Phil Kidd, a downtown business owner.

"It's actually kind of really cool that people in this area care enough about the city to do something like this and I think the revitalization of Youngstown is portrayed with what is done here," said Jordan Karzener, an bartender at Roberto's.

Sutman said at pone point he had been interested in purchasing the Kress building, and believes whoever put the dummies on top of the building he now owns may have had him in mind.

"The fact that it's on that building, you know everyone knows I'm a huge fan of the Kress building and all of the Kress buildings in general," said Sutman. "So I think the fact that it was done on my building is a homage to me. That 'Jimmy we feel your pain.' Because I have been feeling pretty forlorn about loosing the building and talking to people about it. "
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