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Boardman couple survives carbon monoxide scare

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 A Boardman couple believes they're lucky to be alive, after they narrowly escaped their home, which was filled with carbon monoxide.

Robert Casey says he didn't realize he left his car running in the garage last Thursday night. He says he went to bed at about 8 p.m. The next day, he and his wife found themselves in the hospital.

"That's the last thing I remember, until I woke up at St. E's," Robert Casey said.

When the couple failed to answer their daughter's routine weekday call, she asked neighbors to check on them. The Stober family noticed the car running and in turn, called 9-1-1.

The Casey's were removed by rescuers and the Boardman Fire Department, they were treated for exposure to carbon monoxide and they credit their daughter's routine weekday call and intuition with saving their lives.

"So God bless us it wasn't the weekend, because then we probably would have been dead, I'm sure of it," Robert Casey said.

The Casey's plan to install an entire carbon monoxide detection system in their house. They hope that sharing their story of survival is enough motivation to encourage others to do the same.

"All of our family and extended friends, everybody's saying that if they don't have a carbon monoxide detector, they're getting one, so I think with this, maybe we're saving somebody else's life," Jackie Casey said.

The Boardman Fire Department recommends detectors be installed on each floor of your home. A detector is needed at the very least near a bedroom or sleeping area.

Batteries should be changed twice a year and if you experience any potential poisoning symptoms, you're urged to call your local fire department, because carbon monoxide can kill without warning. 

The department encourages consumers to purchase plug-in detectors that require a battery back up to eliminate any possible false alarms.
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