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Escapee from Mahoning JJC located by tracing friend

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The 17-year-old who escaped from the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center has been captured after more than 24-hours on the run.

Jeremy Britton is back in detention at the Juvenile Justice Center in Youngstown.

Britton was taken into custody by the Mahoning County Sheriff just after 10 a.m. Thursday along the 400 block of Salt Springs Road in Youngstown.

He was found hiding with his 22-year-old female friend Miranda Little inside her home.

Sheriff Jerry Greene tells 21 News, "Early this morning detectives at the Mahoning County Sheriff's Office developed information as to the whereabouts of Jeremy Britton."

Sheriff's Detectives and the U.S. Marshal's had worked late in to the night following up on tips and checking locations where the teen is known to frequent, hoping to catch him.

It was just before 8:30 a.m. Wednesday when Britton was out in the recreation yard at the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center and reportedly allowed for enough distance between himself and a court supervisor.  

That's when the 17-year-old charged with aggravated robbery reportedly made his move scaling a 20-foot fence topped with razor wire, and then he made his way over a second fence also topped with razor wire.

Shortly after Britton's escape, the teen allegedly carjacked a woman on Adams Street in the city and then led police on a chase in that stolen car from Youngstown to the railroad tracks on Logan Gate in Liberty.  That's where he bailed out of the car and made a run for it on foot.

Police used a K-9 to search for Britton but lost his scent,  but had tips coming in throughout the day.  Then they received the most valuable piece of information that paid-off.  The name of a young woman that Britton might seek out.

"We were able to use that type of technology what people call pinging to develop the whereabouts of this individual," Sheriff Greene said."

Britton's friend had a cell phone and they were able to track that phone to determine her most recent location.

They learned Britton showed up at her residence unannounced and had fresh clothes, and when they called her phone she did not deny he was there.  

So the Sheriff came knocking, with backup from the U.S. Marshals, Youngstown Police and the staff at the Juvenile Justice Center.

"We took him into custody.  He's back at the JJC.  That was their choice.  They wanted to house him.  So he's back at JJC.  And she's is custody now at the Mahoning County Jail," Sheriff Greene said.

The Juvenile Justice Center's Magistrate Carla Baldwin called 21 News to confirm that Britton was returned to their facility by the Mahoning County Sheriff's Department and a cooperative effort by other local agencies.

JJC Court Administrator Wes Skeels who helped assist with the capture says that Britton was taken to the hospital for treatment, the extent of any injuries was not known.  But it's suspected he may have been cut by climbing the two fences both that were topped with razor wire.

When asked about how Britton will receive his "required" recreation from the detention center Skeels said he will likely have to receive it in an "indoor" recreation area -- like their students do in the winter time just as a precaution.

Britton who had only been at the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center for less than a month on a charge of aggravated robbery as one of four suspects in a Poland Burger King robbery will now face additional charges that include:  Escape and two counts of felonious assault.

"He's going to actually be charged with two counts of felonious assault with our officers he actually came close yesterday, attempted and swerved yesterday with a couple of our officers, and I believe the YPD K-9," Sheriff Greene said.

Miranda Little who was found with Britton is also jailed in Mahoning County.  

She is facing felonies that include bstructing justice and possession of criminal tools.

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