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Austintown man paints tribute to victim of Facebook killer

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The senseless killing of Robert Godwin Sr. on Easter gripped the nation with many asking one simple question - why?

That includes Austintown artist Ron Moore Jr. who was so affected by what happened, he decided to pay tribute to the victims family the only way he knew how, with a painting.

"My heart just felt for this family and right away I just felt like I wanted to do something and that's the only thing I know how to do is to paint," said Moore.

So Moore spent two full days painting a portrait of Robert Godwin Sr. He's giving it to Godwin's family. 

"This painting for me was my most special painting I've ever done," said Moore.

Using only a Facebook picture as his reference, Moore said this was the best way to show the family that others are thinking about them during a time of tragedy.

"The family has been through so much and one way to overcome the evil which is what happened to this family is to pour out love and I think this family needs love, they deserve everyone's love and my way of showing that I love them, that I'm praying for them is by blessing them with this painting," said Moore.

While this painting is a symbol of love from Moore, his other works of art are symbols of inspiration. In 2004, Moore was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He lost his ability to draw and paint. After getting deep brain stimulation surgery, he was able to once again hold a paintbrush.

He uses painting to escape the daily struggles of Parkinson's. 

"While I'm painting it seems a lot of that stuff seems to ease up," said Moore.

He pours his heart and soul onto every canvas.

I was bound and determined that every single brushstroke, it has new meaning for me, that giving up, is never an option," said Moore.

Moore says he's been in contact with some of Godwin's family members but is having trouble connecting to others. He asks if anyone knows the Godwin family, to have them contact WFMJ so they can connect with Moore on receiving his special painting. 

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