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Tips for keeping your child safe in large crowds

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If you are planning an outing to some place with large crowds, there are important things you should teach your children before you go.

It's about preventing your child from getting lost, and finding them if you do get separated. 

Experts say it's easy for a child to get distracted by the excitement of an amusement park, festival or zoo. "In just a blink of an eye a little tot can shoot away and get lost in a crowd," said Stephanie Weigel of Akron Children Hospital Mahoning Valley.

One of the first recommendations is take a same day photo of your child so it's ready if you need it. "If you have that picture with their outfit, it can really help those emergency responders identify them quickly," Weigel said.

It's a practice Bree Hall of East Palestine says she has adopted with her two boys.  "I know exactly what they have on and what they're wearing for the day," Hall said.

Another safety tip is to write your phone number on your child's arm then cover it with a liquid bandage.  "If you've done that simple little easy step, then someone can look down and say, 'Oh, there's mom and dad's phone number,'" said Weigel.

Another smart step is to identify park employees or security personnel so your child knows who to ask for help.  Also, you can tell your child to find another mom or dad with children.

"It's kind of our parental instinct.  We'll kind of absorb them in and help them find safety, " according to Weigel.

In this day in age, there are new innovative ways to keep track of your children. For as little as $15, there are GPS child trackers that come with wristbands or a tag that attaches to their clothes or shoe. 

Another modern approach includes special locator apps, available for smartphones. They allow you to locate your whole family at the click of a button.

Experts recommend you take these precautions and don't think it could never happen to you.

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