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B&B Contractors say they are victims in the Marchionda probe

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Dominic Marchionda Dominic Marchionda
Police search the Boardman home of Youngstown Finance Director Dave Bozanich Police search the Boardman home of Youngstown Finance Director Dave Bozanich
David Bozanich David Bozanich

A clearer picture is starting to emerge about the Ohio State Auditor's investigation apparently connected to Dominic Marchionda, CEO of the NYO Property Group and his financial dealings with the city of Youngstown.

21 News has now obtained the "evidence inventories" unsealed from four search warrants executed on Thursday, July 6th at the home of Youngstown Finance Director David Bozanich, the home and office of Canfield Attorney Steve Garea, and the home of a woman identified as the long-time girlfriend of Bozanich.

Sources say the search warrants were executed last week as part of the investigation into the legality of more than $2 million given by the city from its water and wastewater funds to three projects from the NYO Property Group, operated by developer Dominic J. Marchionda.

The "evidence inventory" from Attorney Steve Garea's Canfield law office for the first time makes the connection with the Marchionda investigation and the Flats at Wick and Wick Tower projects.

21 News has learned that Attorney Steve Garea at one time was corporate counsel for the contractors on the Flats at Wick project, but was terminated by the company.  

Among the items seized at the Starr Centre Drive office of Attorney Steve Garea were two files on the Flats at Wick and Wick Towers;  as well as three folders related to B&B Contractors and Beshara.

Also confiscated at Attorney Garea's law office:  "Paper showing a payment breakdown, and correspondence alleging fraud against B&B Contractors;"  tax records and returns for Attorney Garea from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 1099s;  a Huntington National Bank Deposit Ticket for $100,000, along with bank statement receipts, deposit tickets, and B&B Contractors earning statements; construction contracts - and folders from B&B Construction.

21 News reached out to B&B Contractors to ask if they worked on the Flats at Wick project and Boardman Attorney Nick Sebastiano confirms that they were contractors on the project and says that "B&B has been victimized extensively through all of this and is very concerned about what is going on.   Attorney Sebastiano says he can not get into details at this point but, B&B Contractors and Developers are conducting an internal investigation into their company's victimization and want to make it clear that B&B is "NOT" the target of any of the state's investigations."  

Attorney Sebastiano also tells 21 News that B&B plans to pursue all legal recourse available to them and that since all of this has taken place Attorney Stephen Garea has been terminated as Corporate Counsel for B&B, President Phillip Beshara has resigned, and Controller Sam DeCaria and Richard DeCaria who worked in accounting for B&B have both been let go or terminated as employees.

B&B's attorney says they will cooperate with any and all law enforcement, and Attorney Sebastiano was curious about what documents Attorney Garea has that still mention B&B since they asked him to return all files and contracts to the company when he was terminated.

Suspected evidence confiscated from Attorney Garea's Fawn Drive home in Canfield includes:  $55,500 in 100 dollar bills; and $11,200 in 50 dollar bills; as well as four suits from his closet; three thumb drives; an Apple Laptop computer and other computer items; 2007 Income Tax records, 2016 Income Tax records, and miscellaneous Income Tax records.

From the Devonshire Drive residence in Boardman that is the home of Youngstown Finance Director Dave Bozanich's girlfriend a total of 14 items were seized by state agents including four check registers;  Bozanich's financial records; tax records from 2013, 2014 and 2015; Bozanich Ameritrade (investments); and several Ipads and computer related materials.

On March 16, records were seized at NYO's downtown office and at Marchionda's Poland home.

At the time, a source with knowledge of the investigation said city officials were being investigated as part of the probe, but would not reveal specific names or exactly what allegations are being made.

The Ohio State Auditor's office says the investigation is ongoing, and no one is charged with any wrong doing.

The State Auditor's Evidence Inventory may be seen here:

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