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Poll of people attending Trumbull fair approve Donald Trump

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In the November general election, 51.2%  of voters in Trumbull County voted for Donald Trump in a county known for favoring Democratic candidates at the ballot box.

Ratings are now tanking at 20 percent below what they have been for past presidents, according to a national Gallup poll.

21 News wanted to find out, nearly six months after being elected Trump, are people having second thoughts?

At the Trumbull County Fair, voters gave their opinions on the candidate who promised to drain the swamp.

"I like that candidate Trump promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, so it will be fair trade. We are not asking for an unfair advantage, and on Monday plans will be revealed for making a modernized NAFTA more fair," said supporter Kenny Hagin. "If everybody kept the promises they made to the American voters, we'd get a whole lot done right now because we have a president who is holding their feet to the fire. I think Donald Trump, our president. is doing a very good job. I think it's time we put America first."

Others told 21 News they like that President Trump's administration has let generals do their job in Iraq and have pushed back terrorism and ISIS.

21 News asked people who voted for Trump about Russia and if possible election meddling or meetings bother them.

At least a dozen supporters at the fair say they want Congress to get on with fixing problems with our country. 

"Right now they're talking about what Trump's son did and talking to the Russians and all that stuff. That's just wasting time on the television. Why don't they do something and act to fix problems instead of just arguing all the time? I think he's doing a good job," said another supporter. "The rest of this stuff, they're just picking on him because he makes his points in crude ways. He is not politically correct. He is not a politician."

Others say their 401Ks and business are doing better.

"I think the economy has picked up and he's doing a good job. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He's a little arrogant, but I think he can do a good job," said Bill Davis, another supporter.

The verdict is that he's not a frog, but not a political prince either.

Supporters said they prefer Trump to the past president and past presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Most people admitted they crossed over from Democrat to request a Republican ballot last November to vote for Donald Trump.

Most explained that they didn't want to be labeled a bigot, racist,  homophobe, Islamophobe or a woman hater. 

Supporters believe if an election were held today, the same outcome would take place and Trump would win again.

All of the voters who said they voted for Donald Trump told us they would vote for Trump again.

People at the fair who voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton were still vehement that they don't like President Trump, while a few HRC supporters say Trump is our President, so they are hoping he succeeds.

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