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Ohio Gov. John Kasich vows to remain a national voice in politics

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Congress leaves Washington for its August recess with little legislative progress to point to on major issues facing Americans including healthcare.

In an exclusive interview with 21 News, Ohio Governor John Kasich is calling on leadership in the nation's capital to stop playing party politics when it comes to making potential changes or a complete overhaul of the nation's healthcare system.

"I think it's important that both parties come together, that they put people in front of politics," Kasich said.

Kasich is teaming with other governors from across the country who are watching the health insurance options fluctuate, and in some cases, disappear in their home states.

Ohio has more than 700,000 people enrolled through Medicaid expansion.

Kasich is a strong supporter of funding Medicaid expansion, which he says aids in covering the cost of treatment for opiate addicts.

The group of governors he's working with is organizing suggestions on restructuring health care for federal lawmakers in a bipartisan fashion, something that has yet to be done on a large scale with the Trump administration in place.

Kasich continues to reiterate the common town hall rally message he shared during his 2016 bid for the White House; that America needs the right leadership to make progress.

He believes Washington has enough politicians to begin working across the aisle.

"But it's going to take leadership in the middle to give people courage to say 'pay no attention to the yellers and the screamers on the extremes'," he explained.

He lays out that message in his new book Two Paths: America Divided or United. Kasich insists that the country can't grow without leaders who listen.

"To say that if you don't agree with me on everything, I don't really want to talk to you. That creates a very toxic environment where things can't get done," he said.

Kasich has stayed in the national spotlight since ending his presidential campaign leaving some to question if he'll run again.

New numbers out in a hypothetical poll from the American Research Group show Kasich would beat Trump if the New Hampshire GOP primary were to be held today.

When asked if he's currently considering another presidential run in 2020, the two term governor says he's leaving his options open ended.

"As to what my political future is, I really don't know," he said. "I don't think about it. But I do want to continue to have a voice. As for if I'll run for anything again, it's impossible for me to say."

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