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School district closing criteria

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WARREN, Ohio -

With wind chills expected to reach double digits below zero it is no surprise that schools are closing Friday.

Wind chills below zero can be very dangerous and those are frequently a factor when superintendents decide whether or not to delay or cancel school.

Boardman's criteria is any wind chill greater than 16 degrees below zero is too dangerous for school.  The reason they delayed Tuesday was due to the long Christmas break. 

"None of our buildings had been used and none of our buses had been started so we did delay at a -10 just to make sure all of our system were up and running. so -10 to -16 is a gray area . If it's warmer than -10 all the research says it's safe," said Boardman Superintendent, Tim Saxton.

Warren has 1500 children walking to school so windchills make a big difference in their criteria.  So does the snow.

Warren Superintendent, Steve Chiaro, said, "When we are sitting here with snowfall after snow fall and they are walking on untreated surfaces like sidewalks that plays a factor as well. So some days it could be a little bit of snow to call off and some days it could be a lot of snow."

Liberty's superintendent says districts also consider the students and their parents who drive to school.

"When you're talking 3-4-5" of snow that has fallen overnight and they can't keep up with it you look at delays.  If those roads can be ready by 9:00am that's maybe a 2 hour delay. If not in good condition after that you pull the plug for the whole day," said Liberty Superintendent, Joseph Nohra.

After school activities are also effected by wind chills.  Many are already canceling their activities for the week.
And in case you were wondering, teachers get that day off along with students but most of the time administrators aren't as lucky.

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