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Prosecutors file motion detailing confession of alleged murderer Claudia Hoerig

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WARREN, Ohio -

New documents filed in the Trumbull County Court system outlines an interview with alleged murderer Claudia Hoerig, just hours after her return to the United States. 

A detailed transcription of the interview, included in a motion to deny the attempt to dismiss the case, is allegedly from January 17th, 2018- the day Hoerig was brought back to Trumbull County to face murder charges. 

Last month, Hoerig filed a motion, requesting the court to dismiss the charges, saying that since it had been 11 years since the alleged crime. The motion, based on their interpretation of her rights to have a speedy trial, asked a judge to dismiss the case altogether. 

Hoerig, 53, is accused of shooting and killing her husband Air Force Major Karl Hoerig in March of 2007 inside their Newton Falls home.

She then fled to Brazil after her husband's death. 

In the motion filed by the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday, prosecutors say Hoerig's motion should be dismissed since the beginning of the "trial" process was not when the crime began, but rather the date she was arraigned. 

The text of the transcribed interview, which is attached to the motion, shows a Detective asking Hoerig: "You do understand that when you get arraigned, you know your arraignment is when you actually get formally, that you get to see the judge about the charges, you've been charged with murder?"

Hoerig allegedly responded with: "Yeah."

At that point, the Detective responds with, "They're gonna assign you a lawyer. And you're willing to talk to me now without that lawyer around". The transcription says Hoerig then said, "Doesn't bother me." 

As the transcription continues, Hoerig allegedly began talking about the day of Major Hoerig's murder. At one point she reportedly said "I want to be fair to the family. But  I don't want to be unfair to myself. If I say only a few things and I don't say the whole thing."

According to the filing, Hoerig began to tell investigators that she and Karl had fought because she was pregnant. Hoerig allegedly stated that she began thinking of suicide. 

At one point in the transcription, Hoerig reportedly told investigators that Karl had found her as she was about to commit suicide and threw her against a wall. 

The transcription states that Hoerig told investigators, "So when he saw, when he said ah, let me leave the house and do me a favor, go to the basement and kill yourself in the basement because it's gonna splash my paintings here, you're gonna splash blood all over my paintings here. I, I got very angry. I got very angry and if he had left and not said that, I would, he would have lived and I would die. Had died. I would have killed myself."

The transcription continues:

"CLaudia: My reaction was that the gun had five shots because I had, had a little drink. My feeling is that I had shot him three times and I said,  save the  two  bullets  for myself. So after I shot him I ran inside the third bedroom and I sat in the little ah chair, I sat in the little chair and as hard as it was I pulled the trigger. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It was hard. I pulled the trigger, nothing happened. I said, I moved, what happened. I pulled the  trigger a second  time.  I don't where I got this strength to do this. It was  hard, very  hard.  Nothing happened. What happened? I shot him three times, and I saved two  bullets for myself and what happened. I got confused. Ah, (inaudible)  maybe,  I don't  know. So I ran down, down  stairs to  the  basement and  I don't  remember  if it was when I was going down or going up, back up, I, I realized what I had done. And  I turned to see if he was alive. Breathing. Um, I, I put my, I put my (inaudible) and  I turned to see if he was breathing or (inaudible). Um, so said okay I'll finish up what I started. So, I think was, on my way down. Yeah, it was on my way down and I said it's done. I gotta finish up what I started. I went to the basement, put in five new bullets in the gun. I went  back to  the  room,  his daughter's  room. I put that gun in that piece of wood. I sat there again but it was hard  because  I started thinking about my family. And I said, let me say goodbye to my family. Let me tell my family what I did and what I'm going to do with myself. I don't want them  to find that out ah, in the newspapers. I want myselfto tell them. So from the land line I called my sister from the ah, cell phone  I called  my father. And somehow they started talking among themselves  and  they  called  some  lawyer and they said that um, Ohio had death  penalty.  And they advised  my father  and my sister to talk, to convince me to leave the US. But they hadn't told  me that.  In the meantime while my father and sister are talking they put ah, ah, my sister's husband on the phone talking to me  and  he's a  pastor.  And  he starts talking  to me about hell. Going to hell. Don't  do that, don't  kill yourself.  You're  going to hell, da, da, da. He didn't say  anything about  ah, the  death  penalty.  He only talked about going to hell. No, no, no. I don't what to hear that about hell. I got to kill myself, I want to  die.  I want to  die.  Um, they said  no, don't do that, don't do that. And then my father um, um, got on, took the phone and he said ah, you know where your passport is? I said yeah I do. Where is it? I said it's in the bank. It's in a safe ah in his bank. Do you  have  money? I said  ah, I have a credit card and I have 13 hundred in my bank account. He said go there, get money and get your, get your passport, get, and you gonna come to Brazil. I said I can't. I can't drive, I'm drunk. Don't worry go, and do you have coffee in the house? Yes I do. Make strong coffee and drink coffee and you gonna come back. I said, I can't. So he convinced me to do that. I went to the bank. Went to my safe deposit. Um, and that was only under my name. My husband didn't have access to that."

The transcription says that Hoerig continued, stating, "That was all the money I had. Um, so ah, I said if I'm gonna kill myself, I'm not gonna leave this money to Karl so I'm gonna leave it to my father. Because my father will keep giving money to my sister whom I supported. So um, on Thursday I transferred money ah, to him. But I wasn't sure if I was gonna kill myself, was just in case I killed myself. Because I hadn't talked to him, I was
hoping that on Monday, we would straighten things out."

From there, Hoerig allegedly admitted fleeing to Brazil. 

However, her tale reportedly continued.

Hoerig is transcribed as saying: 

"Claudia: I was like a zombie. I was, my father was talking to me. Try to, to, to encourage me so I would have the strength to keep driving. Because I didn't even know why I was driving. What's the purpose, my life is over. What's the
purpose of me doing this. But one thing kept going through my head. I wanted to say goodbye to my family. I wanted to see my family because that idea of committing suicide hadn't left my head yet. I thought, if I get to Brazil and I say goodbye to my family, then I'll kill myself and I tried to kill myself that day when I got to, to ah,

Detective: And how did you try to do that?

Claudia:I went to ah, a very expensive, a very expensive hotel in Cocoa Cabana Beach. I went to the highest, I think it was the 19th floor. To the highest apartment that I could get. And I had a credit card. And I said give me the most, and  I doubled, all the limits, I still had left in my credit card. So I, got that room  and  I said goodbye to my father. Ah, he picked me up at the airport. We, I talked to him. I told him what, I did this horrible thing and I don't  want to  be  in  your  house  because  I don't want to involve you  in something  like that. Ah,  because we thought that  if the police found me in his house he would be arrested. That's not true but at  the time we didn't know how things work." 

The Trumbull County Prosecutor's motion argues that since Hoerig had agreed that she knew the January 2018 arraignment marked the beginning of the formal charges, there cannot be an argument that her right to a speedy trial was violated. 

Furthermore, Prosecutors argue that Hoerig's motion, which allegedly argues that Hoerig should have been tried sooner in Brazil is "absurd". 

"The idea suggested by the Defense that the defendant somehow should have or could have been tried in Brazil, and should not have been pursued  by the state of Ohio through the Office of Prosecuting Attorney for Trumbull County asserting its sovereign right to try her as a resident of Ohio and United States citizen, in Ohio for an Ohio crime is absurd and without legal authority," says the filing. 

At one point in the filing, prosecutors say "criminals who kill and run are not a protected class." 

A hearing on the motion to dismiss the case has been scheduled for Thursday, March 15. 

The entire motion can be found here: 


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