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Congressman Tim Ryan and opponent Chris DePizzo highlighted at political forum

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Election day is just a few short weeks away and Monday night our Decision 2018 coverage focused on the race to represent Ohio's 13th Congressional District.

Outside the Union Baptist Church in Youngstown, there was visible support for Incumbent Congressman Tim Ryan, who is now running for his ninth term.

On the inside, opponent Chris DePizzo was the first of the two to take the stage. 

"My name is Chris DePizzo. I'm running for Congress of this Valley because I'm sick and tired of getting taken advantage of," said DePizzo.

DePizzo claimed 40,000 jobs have been lost since Ryan took office.

"What I'm saying is my number one priority is jobs in this Valley, said DePizzo.

DePizzo was met with some criticism with one man in the crowd claiming to know how DePizzo felt on issues like right-to-work and minimum wage.

"I have never said that. Not a dang time and you know that," said DePizzo.

When incumbent Congressman Tim Ryan took the stage, he spoke on his 16 years of experience in office.

"We were just able to land 1,000 jobs for the TJX project in Lordstown," said Ryan.

When talking about the President's tax cuts, Ryan was also met with some criticism from the crowd.

"You've opposed the President every step of the way, everything he does," said one man in the crowd.

Ryan responded by saying, "Let me just say I do support the President when I think he is right, although sometimes it pains me." Ryan was attempting to explain his support for the President to renegotiate NAFTA but was interrupted. 

"This is what I'm saying with some of you Trump guys.  You ask me a question and I'm politely trying to answer the question with facts and then you interrupt me in the middle of my explanation," Ryan said.

The comment by Ryan was met with a large reaction from the crowd, showing just a glimpse of the political tone just weeks ahead of election day.

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