YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Authorities are investigating yet another case of animal abuse.

A young pit bull was found dead inside a container near Ohio and Tod Avenues in Youngstown.

Dave Nelson, the Mahoning County Deputy Dog Warden, says the dog first appeared to have been shot several times, but following a necropsy, the wounds were found to be bites from apparent dog fighting.

"It was a trash container and the dog was placed inside. So it was probably thrown from the bridge right there on the corner. It didn't roll very far and it was able to be viewed from the top of the bridge," Nelson said

Authorities do not believe this case is related to the death of two puppies discovered earlier this week in Youngstown.

The remains of two German Sheppard puppies were found on Federal Street Monday.

The dogs had been tied up in such a way as to strangle them as they struggled to get free.

The Learning Dog Training Center of Hubbard has so far received one thousand dollars in donations for a reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the case.

They say they are receiving pledges of more donations, including a collection planned by autoworkers in Lordstown.