Like many business owners, financial advisor Todd Bury has always set big goals for himself.

"When I was 41, I actually said within the next five years I want to reach the million dollar level," said Bury Financial Group president Todd Bury of Poland.

But in 2014, just one year into his five year plan of generating a million dollars in revenue, Todd was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

"Treatments were four different chemo drugs in an IV going in me and I sat for nine hours getting chemo treatments," said Bury.  "I would then go back to the clinic on Fridays for my spinal taps." 

Not one to shy away from his goals, Todd decided to fast-track his million dollar goal.  Instead of trying to achieve it in five year, he challenged himself to accomplish it in one year. It was a lofty goal that didn't surprise his co-workers.

"He did a lot of work when he was actually getting treatment.  So, he would have to sit there for eight hours, eight, nine hours while he was hooked up receiving chemo and what better thing to do than to get on the phone and talk about your clients," said business partner Brian Laraway.

"It was therapeutic for me, again living, providing a sense of normalcy when going through something that's not normal," said Bury.

Todd says less than 5% of financial advisers reach the million dollar milestone.  His story has since been featured several national publications including Forbes.